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Why is an Interact Retreat necessary?

There are numerous Interact Chapters in the region.  Rotary sponsors the development of these Chapters to inform High School students about the merits of learning about and performing community service.  However, it is unusual if the leaders of these Chapters have leadership experience.  The purpose of the Interact Retreat is to: (1) inform the attendees about Interact, Rotaract, and Rotary and the service opportunities provided by these organizations, (2) to provide training on how to improve their Interact Chapters, (3) to provide information about the selection and accomplishment of community service projects, and (4) to assist each Interact Club in starting an exceptional year of service for their club and community.

What is the price for attendees?

The registration fee is $10 per attendee, which provides for lunch and materials.  Each school is asked to complete and submit registration materials.

Who is responsible for payment?

The individual attendee is responsible for their registration fee.  It is recommended that Interact Chapters and their sponsoring Rotary Clubs communicate and determine if funds are available to assist the Interact attendees. Along with making an investment of time and energy, attendees may be asked to invest some of their own money to insure genuine interest. It is anticipated that attendees will work with their faculty adviser to coordinate transportation.

Who is invited to attend?

The Interact Retreat has the potential to be a multi-district, multi-state event, where attendees may have divese backgrounds.  Because it begins promptly at 10:00 and adjourns at 3:30, it is anticipated that attendees would use vehicle transportation.  Accordingly, all Interact Chapters within approximately 150 miles of Kirkville MO are welcome to attend.

What is the deadline for registration?

As soon as possible.  To properly plan we need to know by September 5, 2018.

Is transportation provided?

Due to the scope of our program, Interact Retreat cannot provide transportation.  We encourage any of these alternatives for transportation: (1)  the school or adviser/sponsor provides school transportation, (2) a Rotarian from the sponsoring club, or (3) if permission is granted by the school, an Interact student. Attendees are advised to speak with their Interact Club adviser about their options.

Who are the sponsors of Interact Retreat – 2018?

The three Rotary Clubs of Kirksville, Rotary Club of Kirksville, Rotary Club of Kirksville – Thousand Hills, and Rotary Club of Kirksville – North Star,  along with RI District 6040, ATSU Rotaract and Truman State Univ. Rotaract, with a great deal of help from the Kirksville High School Interact Club, make this event possible.

What if I have unanswered questions?

If you have unanswered questions, feel free to contact the Chair of the Interact Retreat, Jeff Romine of Kirksville, MO,  phone: (660) 349-8163 or email: jeff.romine@gmail.com.